Charisma Christian Church

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Charisma Christian Church
Classification Evangelism
Region France
Founder Nuno Pedro
Origin 1989
Le Blanc Mesnil
Members 12 000
Official website

Charisma Christian Church is a French evangelical church, created in Saint-Denis, Île-de-France, in 1989 by Portuguese pastor Nuno Pedro, a former member of Assemblies of God. With over 12,000 churchgoers and about 80 new believers each week,[1] it is currently one of the most important megachurches in France.[2]

This church is composed of Christians from all over the Paris region, many of whom are originally from the Antilles and from Africa. The church has grown regularly, 300 new people visit its services each month. It aims to "Lead people to faith in Jesus Christ" and speaks of "prosperity, triumph and success" as the will of God for the faithful.[3] During worship, there are screens retransmitting live images of worship and spreading the words to songs like a karaoke, and translation into several languages.[4]


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