Charity (song)

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Skunk anansie charity2.jpg
Single by Skunk Anansie
from the album Paranoid & Sunburnt
B-side "Used"
"Killer's War"
"Kept My Mouth Shut"
"I Can Dream" (Live)
"Punk by Numbers" (Live)
"Here I Stand" (Live)
"It Takes Blood and Guts"
"Intellectualise My Blackness" (Live)
Released September 1995 and April 1996
Format CD, Cassette, Vinyl Record
Genre Alternative rock
Length 4:36
Label One Little Indian (UK)
Writer(s) Skin, Len Arran
Producer(s) Sylvia Massy. Skunk Anansie
Skunk Anansie singles chronology
"I Can Dream"
Re-Release Artwork (CD1)
Re-Release Artwork (CD2)

"Charity" is a song by Skunk Anansie, released as their third single in July 1995, and re-released in April 1996. The original release reached #40 in the UK Singles Chart, but the re-release topped that effort reaching #20. When re-released, two new CDs were available. CD1 contained live versions of "I Can Dream" and "Punk by Numbers", and CD2 was featured live versions of tracks from Paranoid & Sunburnt.

Music video[edit]

The music video was directed by David Mould. Stills of the music video were used as covers for the single.

Track listing[edit]

Original release CD single[edit]

# Title Length
1. "Charity" 4:36
2. "Used" 4:54
3. "Killer's War" 4:00
4. "Kept My Mouth Shut" 3:38

Re-release CD Single - CD1[edit]

# Title Length
1. "Charity" 4:36
2. "I Can Dream Live" 3:36
3. "Punk By Numbers (Live)" 2:48

Re-release CD Single - CD2[edit]

# Title Length
1. "Charity (Live)" 4:53
2. "Here I Stand (Live) " 5:33
3. "It Takes Blood and Guts[1] (Live)" 4:28
4. "Intellectualise My Blackness (Live) " 4:21

10" vinyl[edit]

# Title Length
1. "Charity" 4:36
2. "Used" 4:54
3. "Killer's War" 4:00


  1. ^ The actual title is "It Takes Blood And Guts To Be This Way But Im Still Just A Cliché" but has been shortened for display purposes.