Charity Engine

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Charity Engine
IndustryDistributed Computing
FoundedUnited Kingdom
FounderMark McAndrew
Key people
Mark McAndrew, Matt Blumberg, Mark Roberts, Stephen Wolfram (Advisor)
ProductsCharity Engine PC app
OwnerThe Worldwide Computer Company Limited

Charity Engine is a free PC app based on Berkeley University's BOINC software, run by The Worldwide Computer Company Limited. The project works by selling spare home computing power to universities and corporations, then sharing the profits between eight partner charities and periodic cash prize draws for the users; those running the Charity Engine BOINC software on their home computers. When there are no corporations purchasing the computing power, Charity Engine donates it to existing volunteer computing projects such as Rosetta@home, Einstein@Home, and Malaria Control, and prize draws are funded by donations.[1]

In August 2014 the Rosetta@home project reported Charity Engine had contributed over 125,000 new PCs to its grid.[2]


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