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World Economic Forum 2009 - Charles-Édouard Bouée

Charles-Édouard Bouée (born 17 May 1969 in France) is the Chief Executive Officer of Roland Berger. He was a member of the company's Global Executive Committee since 2010.[1][2][3][4].


He studied at the Lycée Saint-Louis de Gonzague, from which he graduated in 1986.[5] In 1991, Charles-Edouard Bouée achieved his master's degrees in engineering from École Centrale Paris (ECP) and the University of Paris-Sud. In 1995, he also achieved his MBA at Harvard Business School.[6]

He started his professional career as an investment banker at Société Générale in Paris and London, focussing on M&A and Corporate Finance. He then became an Associate at Booz Allen & Hamilton. Between 1997 and 2001, Charles-Edouard Bouée acted as Vice President at AT Kearney, the strategy consultancy.[7]

In 2001, Charles-Edouard Bouée joined Roland Berger Strategy Consultants; he became a Senior Partner and was the head of the CoEs (centre of excellence) of Financial Services, Energy & Utility and Private Equity in the Paris subsidiary. He became President & Managing Partner for "Greater China" in 2006, and in 2009, he became President for Asia at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants. In July 2010, the partners appointed him to the EC. Bouée now is the Chairman of the EC for France, Belgium and North Africa, and the President for Asia. In addition, he is the President & Managing Partner for "Greater China" (Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong) at the Shanghai office. In the EC, Bouée is responsible for France, Belgium and Morocco, China and Japan, as well as for market development in Korea and Southeast Asia.

In the course of his career, Bouée specialized in the fields of Strategy and M&A; his main focus lies on financial services – including Private Equity – as well as on the energy sector and public utility companies.

He currently acts as a consultant for the French Ministry of Foreign Trade in Greater China. Bouée is a board member of the European Union Chamber of Commerce for the region of Shanghai in China.[8] Through this he became specialised in economical questions on Asian markets and is often considered by the press.[9][10][11]

Bouée spoke about Green Recovery at Forum For Asia Annual Conference 2010 in the China World Tower 2 in Beijing.[12] In addition, Charles-Edouard Bouée was one of the speakers at the World Economic Forum[13] and on Global Entrepreneur Summit Forum 2009.[14] Charles-Edouard Bouée is married and has two children. He is living in Paris (France) and Shanghai (China), where he was honored with the "2012 Shanghai Magnolia Gold Award" for his contributions to the China-Europe relations.[15] In 2014 he was elected CEO of Roland Berger. [16] In June 2018 he was reelected as CEO for another 4-year period. [17]


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