Charles-Henri Sabet

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Charles-Henri Sabet
Born 1961
Lausanne, Switzerland
Residence London, United Kingdom
Nationality Swiss
Occupation Entrepreneur
Website About Charles-Henri Sabet

Charles-Henri Sabet was born in 1961 in Lausanne in Switzerland, he is a Swiss-Lebanese entrepreneur who founded Synthesis Bank in 1999.


He did most of his studies in Lausanne, where he won with Lausanne Sport the under 18 Junior Swiss Team Championship


Charles-Henri Sabet started his career in finance, first at Crédit Agricole then at Swiss Bank Corporation (now UBS). In 1991 Charles-Henri Sabet, founded TCC (Trading + Commercial Consulting), a Geneva-based company specialised in forex, options and interest rates. In 1999 he applied for the Swiss banking licence which was obtained mid-99. In 2000 TCC changed its name to Synthesis Bank. Charles Henri Sabet was the Founder & Chairman until the end of 2007, then he decides to sell Synthesis Bank to its IT provider Saxo Bank. In 2009 he becomes Chairman of GIO - Global Investment Opportunities Management Ltd (an Investment Management company incorporated in the Cayman Islands). Charles Henri Sabet writes also in his blog about his macro economic views. Charles‐Henri Sabet is now the Chairman of Jiffix Markets Ltd, known as Together with The Rowland Family, they have increased the capital of Jiffix Markets Ltd, making the company one of the strongest capitalized online forex companies in Cyprus


In 1979 Charles-Henri Sabet was Tennis Swiss champion by team under 18 with Lausanne Sports. In 1985 Charles-Henri Sabet, became World Champion of backgammon,[1] beating Mr Shimon Kagan from Israel, also a chess champion.

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