Charles-Nicolas-Sigisbert Sonnini de Manoncourt

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Charles-Nicolas-Sigisbert Sonnini de Manoncourt

Charles-Nicolas-Sigisbert Sonnini de Manoncourt (1 February 1751 – 9 May 1812 in Paris) was a French naturalist. Between 1799 and 1808 he wrote 127 volumes of the Histoire naturelle. Noteworthy among these, especially for herpetologists, is Histoire naturelle des Reptiles, avec figures desinées d'après nature, in four volumes, which he wrote with Pierre André Latreille. This work includes descriptions and illustrations of many North American reptiles. another important work attributed to Him is The Lost Chapter of the Acts of the Apostles which was found interleft in His publication "voyage en Grèce et en turqui" and later published and translated to English some time not earlier than 1801AD. The work has recorded mixed oppenions from different christians with a lot of them rejecting it making it to be clasified under Modern pseudepigrapha. A Key opponent of the Text is Bishop Jashon gor Mirambe of "Children of God Ministries" who said, "if God allowed it to be lost, he had a reason, that if it is a true coppy and is truely a part of the original Text".

Publications in English[edit]

  • Sonnini de Manoncourt, Travels to Upper and Lower Egypt, 1799, translated by Rev. Henry Hunter[1]
  • C. S. Sonnini, Travels in Greece and Turkey, 1801. (2 volumes)