Charles-Philippe de Chennevières-Pointel

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Charles-Philippe de Chennevières-Pointel after a portrait by Carolus-Duran.

Charles-Philippe, marquis de Chennevières-Pointel, known as Jean de Falaise (23 July 1820, Falaise – 1 April 1899) was a French writer and art historian.

Life and career[edit]

Chennevières was a learned connoisseur and collected thousands of French drawings from 1500 to 1860. His friends included Charles Baudelaire, Theophile Gautier and the Goncourt brothers. He served in the arts administration of the Second Empire (1851-1870). He joined the Louvre in 1846, and later became its curator from 1852 to 1870, and was responsible for the Fine Arts exhibition at the 1855 Paris World's Fair. In 1873, Chennevières became the Director of the national École des Beaux-Arts (School of Fine Arts).

From March 8 to June 7, 2007, selections from his collection of drawings were the subject of an exhibition at the Louvre museum, "Philippe de Chennevières - Collector of French 19th Century Drawings".[1]


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