Charles Alexander Stevenson

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Charles Alexander Stevenson
Born 1855
Died 1950
Edinburgh, Scotland
Alma mater Edinburgh University
Occupation Lighthouse engineer
Children D. Alan Stevenson
Parent(s) David Stevenson (father)
Relatives Robert Stevenson (grandfather)

Charles Alexander Stevenson (1855,[1] Edinburgh – 1950) was a Scottish lighthouse engineer who built twenty three lighthouses in and around Scotland.

Born into the famous Stevenson family of lighthouse engineers, son of David Stevenson, brother of David Alan Stevenson, and nephew of Thomas Stevenson, he was educated at Edinburgh University. Between 1887 and 1937 he built twenty three lighthouses with his brother, David, and is noted for his experiments with optics.

He lived at 9 Manor Place in Edinburgh with Ernest Maddox as his neighbour at 7 Manor Place.[2]


His cousin was Robert Louis Stevenson, and grandfather was the lighthouse engineer, Robert Stevenson.

His son Alan (1891-1971) was the last of the family to enter the profession of lighthouse design.

Lighthouses of Charles A Stevenson[edit]

Maughold Head lighthouse
Rattray Head Lighthouse


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