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Charles Robert Cecil Augustine Allberry (9 November 1911 – 3 April 1943) was an English Egyptologist and Coptic scholar. A friend of novelist C. P. Snow, Allberry was a model[1] for Roy Calvert in Snow's series of novels Strangers and Brothers.

Allberry attended St Dunstan's College, Catford and Christ's College, Cambridge, and become a fellow of Christ's in 1935.

Allberry translated Manichaean manuscripts, and is particularly known for translating and editing the first edition of A Manichean Psalm-Book, Part II, in 1938. He also compiled a Coptic dictionary, unfinished at his death. He served as editor of the Journal of Egyptian Archaeology (from 1939).

During World War II, he joined the Royal Air Force and died in action in Nederweert, the Netherlands, 3 April 1943.

He was married to Patricia Katherine Grace Sandbach. They had a son together: David Charles Anthony Allberry, who was born after Charles' death on 31 July 1943.



Further reading[edit]

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