Charles Annable

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Charles Annable
Charles Annable - Featherstone Rovers.JPG
Ogden's Cigarette card featuring Charles Annable
Personal information
Full name Charles Annable
Nickname Charlie
Born January→March 1905
Alverthorpe or Hemsworth, Wakefield, England
Died October→December 1957 (aged 52)
Wakefield district, England
Playing information
Position Scrum-half/Halfback
Years Team Pld T G FG P
1924–31 Featherstone Rovers 196
1931–33 Castleford 30 1 3
Total 226 1 0 0 3
Years Team Pld T G FG P
≤1929–≥29 Yorkshire 2

Charles "Charlie" Annable (birth registered January→March 1905[1] – death registered October→December 1957[2]) birth registered in Alverthorpe or Hemsworth, was an English professional rugby league footballer of the 1920s, and '30s, playing at representative level for Yorkshire, and at club level for Featherstone Rovers (Heritage № 58), and Castleford, as a Scrum-half/Halfback, i.e. number 7,[3] his death was registered in Wakefield district.

Playing career[edit]

County honours[edit]

Charlie Annable won two caps for Yorkshire, including in 1929 against Australia.

County League appearances[edit]

Charlie Annable played in Castleford's victory in the Yorkshire County League during the 1932–33 season .[4]

Club career[edit]

Charlie Annable broke his Clavicle in November 1927 which kept him out of Featherstone Rovers' run to the Championship Final during the 1927–28 season, in 1931 he was sold to Castleford for £400 (based on increases in average earnings, this would be approximately £66,750 in 2013).[5]

Contemporaneous article extract[edit]

"C. Annable' Featherstone Rovers (Northern Rugby League.) C. Annable has demonstrated to his club the value of local talent. He was born in Alverthorpe [sic] in Yorkshire, and as a youth he has time for development. He is an unorthodox worker of the scrum, for he is not merely content to get the ball but he kicks to touch to advantage, and at other times bursts round to receive a reverse pass. Though on the small side everything points to his receiving county honours."[6]

Genealogical information[edit]

Charlie Annable's marriage to Clara Rhodes was registered during January→March 1928 in Wakefield district.[7] They had children; Sheila Annable (birth registered April→June 1936 in Wakefield district).


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