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Charles Habib Ayrout (Arabic: شارل حبيب عيروط) was an architect practicing in Cairo and is considered as one of that city's Belle Epoque/Art Déco (1920–1940) architects for his landmark buildings and villas.[1]


His father, Habib Ayrout, was a Lebanese-Egyptian architect and contractor practicing in Cairo. After being educated in Paris as an engineer-architect, Habib Ayrout participated in the planning and construction of Heliopolis.[2]

Charles Ayrout had two brothers Henry Habib Ayrout and Max Ayrout who was also an architect practicing in Cairo.[2]


Ayrout was part of a movement of French educated Syrio-Lebanese Egyptian architects, who were strongly influenced by the French 'modern classicism' of Michel Poux-Spitz and Pol Abraham. This movement also included Antonine Selim Nahas and Raymond Antonious.[3]

Works in Cairo include
  • ?? Bldg, 26 July/Hassan Sabri, Zamalek
  • 25 Mansour Street, Bab al-Louk
  • Ayrout Bldg, Cherif Pasha Street
  • Bldg Shawarby Street
  • Ayrout Villa, Zamalek
  • Mosseri Building (now Mofti) on Shagaret Al Durr St., Zamalek
  • Bishara Bldg, Nile Avenue
  • Halim Doss Bldg, Midan Shafakhana
  • Ibrahimieh Secondary School, Garden City
  • Kahil Bldg, Kantaret al-Dikka
  • Bldg Gamal el Dine Abou El Mahassen, Garden City (1951)
  • Villa Valadji, Heliopolis

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