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Charles John Burnett is a Scottish antiquarian and former officer of arms.

Burnett was born in 1940[1] and educated at Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen, and the University of Edinburgh. [2]

He has worked for a number of museums, including: Letchworth Museum, the National Museum of Antiquities of Scotland, the Scottish United Services Museum at Edinburgh Castle, and Duff House, Banff[1]

Burnett was appointed Dingwall Pursuivant of Arms in Ordinary in 1983[3] and promoted to Ross Herald of Arms in Ordinary in 1988.[4] He retired as an officer of arms in ordinary in 2010 and was appointed Ross Herald Extraordinary for a period of five years, demitting office on 31 December 2015.[5] His 1992 M.Litt thesis at the University of Edinburgh was entitled The Officers of Arms and heraldic art under King James Sixth & First 1567-1625.[6] He was also the president of the Heraldry Society of Scotland.[7]


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