Charles Carroll High School

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Charles Carroll High School
2700 E Auburn Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19134, United States
Coordinates 39°58′47″N 75°06′37″W / 39.9796°N 75.1104°W / 39.9796; -75.1104Coordinates: 39°58′47″N 75°06′37″W / 39.9796°N 75.1104°W / 39.9796; -75.1104
Type Public
Closed 2013
School district The School District of Philadelphia
Principal Joyce Hoog
Enrollment 416

Charles Carroll High School was a public high school located in the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. Its student body was mostly black, Hispanic and Asian.

The school was closed in 2013 as part of Philadelphia's shutdown of 23 district-run schools.[1] Displaced students were enrolled in Penn Treaty, Kensington International Business High School, Kensington Health Sciences Academy, and Kensington Urban Education Academy.[2]

Feeder patterns[edit]

Feeder K–8 schools included:

  • Bache-Martin[3]
  • General Philip Kearny[4]
  • Spring Garden[5]
  • Laura Wheeler Waring[6]

School uniforms[edit]

Charles Carroll High School required school uniforms for students; this consisted of gray-collared shirts and navy blue pants.[7]

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