Charles Clore Park

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Charles Clore Park
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Charles Clore Park looking East
Operated byTel Aviv Municipality

Charles Clore Park (Hebrew: פארק צ'ארלס קלור‎, Park Charles Clore) is a beachfront park in southwestern Tel Aviv, Israel. Covering 29.6-acre (0.120 km2) of public land along the Mediterranean Sea, it's named after Charles Clore, a British financier, property magnate and philanthropist.

The park opened to the public in 1974. In 2007, it underwent a two-year makeover.

Each June, the annual Tel Aviv Pride Parade concludes at the park with a large party.

In 2019, Tel Aviv will host Eurovision Song Contest 2019 and biuld the Eurovillage in the park. The Euro-village will host over 20,000 tourists for 9 days, will be built in the Charles Clore Park. It will consist of 7 areas with music shows with famous Israeli performers, DJs, sports centers, Yoga, Israeli food court and official souvenir stalls.

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