Charles Connell House

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Charles Connell House
The Charles Connell House in winter
LocationWoodstock, New Brunswick, Canada
Coordinates46°09′04″N 67°34′30″W / 46.1511°N 67.5751°W / 46.1511; -67.5751Coordinates: 46°09′04″N 67°34′30″W / 46.1511°N 67.5751°W / 46.1511; -67.5751
Builtc. 1839
Original usePrivate home
Current useSociety headquarters, museum
Architectural style(s)Greek Revival
Governing bodyCarleton County Historical Society

The Charles Connell House is the present name of the residence of the Hon. Charles Connell (1810–1873). It is located at 128 Connell Street, Woodstock, New Brunswick, Canada. The house was designated a National Historic Sites of Canada in 1975.[1][2]


This house was built by an unknown person circa 1839 for Connell. It represents the peak of classicism in local architecture. It was built in the Greek Revival style, where wood is used to imitate the look of stone.

Past use[edit]

In the late 19th and early 20th century, it was broken up into apartments. It was made into a double tenement in the 1890s, and further subdivided into three apartments circa 1920, with a fourth created about 1960.[3]

Current use[edit]

The house was purchased by the Carleton County Historical Society in 1975, and is currently used to house the society's archives, artifacts and office. A restoration of the layout of the house, before it was broken up into apartments,[4] was completed in 2008.

The Connell House is also available for business meetings, weddings, receptions, and parties for a small fee. The Connell House is fully licensed and has a fully stocked caterer's kitchen.


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