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Charles Dealtry Locock

Charles Dealtry Locock (1862 – 1946) was a British literary scholar, editor and translator, who wrote on a wide array of subjects, including chess, billiards and croquet.[1]

Life and career[edit]

Charles Dealtry Locock was born September 27, 1862 in Brighton, England.[1] A graduate of Oxford University,[2] he published a number of works on Percy Bysshe Shelley.[3] He was a skilled chess player, winning the British Amateur Championship in 1887 [1] and writing extensively on the game.[3] From 1904 until 1915 he was the editor of the Croquet Association Gazette.[4] Locock translated several Swedish authors, including the poets Esaias Tegnér and Gustaf Fröding and the playwright August Strindberg.[3] His translation of the Strindberg play "The Dance of Death" was used in the 1969 film adaptation starring Laurence Olivier.[5] He died May 13, 1946 in London.[1]

C. D. Locock and his American contemporary, Charles Wharton Stork, published several volumes of Swedish poetry in translation.[6] Among the authors they covered were Gustaf Fröding, Erik Axel Karlfeldt, Birger Sjöberg and August Strindberg.[7][8]

Selected works[edit]

Selected translations[edit]

  • Thirty-two passages from the Iliad 1922
  • Thirty-two passages from the Odyssey 1923
  • Fritiof's Saga by Esaias Tegnér 1924
  • Guitar and Concertina by Gustaf Fröding 1925
  • Modern Swedish Poetry Pt. 1 1929
  • Easter and other plays by August Strindberg 1929
  • Lucky Peter's Travels and other plays by August Strindberg 1930
  • Master Olof and other plays by August Strindberg 1931
  • Modern Swedish Poetry Pt. 2 1936 [7]


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