Charles Debbas

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Charles Debbas
شارل دباس
Charles Debbas.jpg
1st President of Lebanon
In office
1 September 1926 – 2 January 1934
Succeeded by Antoine Privat-Aubouard (acting)
Personal details
Born 16 April 1885
Ottoman Lebanon
Died 7 November 1935 (at 50)
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Charles Debbas (Arabic: شارل دباس‎) (16 April 1885 - 7 November 1935) was an Eastern Orthodox Lebanese political figure.[1] He was the first President of Lebanon (before independence) and served from September 1, 1926 till January 2, 1934, under the French Mandate of Lebanon (known as Greater Lebanon). He also served as speaker of the Lebanese Parliament from January 30 to October 31, 1934.[citation needed]


Charles Debbas was from the prominent Beiruti Debbas family which includes many other notable people of Lebanese history. These include Patriarches Athanasius II and III of the Greek Orthodox Church of Antioch.


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Preceded by
President of Lebanon
September 1, 1926-January 2, 1934
Succeeded by
Antoine Privat-Aubouard (acting)