Charles Depéret

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Charles Depéret
Born(1854-06-25)25 June 1854
Died18 May 1929(1929-05-18) (aged 74)
Scientific career
InstitutionsAix-Marseille University
University of Lyon

Charles Jean Julien Depéret (25 June 1854 – 18 May 1929)[1] was a French geologist and paleontologist. He was a member of the French Academy of Sciences,[1] the Société géologique de France[2] and dean of the Science faculty of Lyon.[3]

Stèle on the La Doua campus in Villeurbanne in honor of Charles Depéret.

Charles Depéret was born in Perpignan. He started his career as a military doctor from 1877 to 1888. Initially posted in Algeria, he was later active in Sathonay.[3] In 1888, he became lecturer at Aix-Marseille University,[3] and in 1889 he became professor of geology at the University of Lyon.[2] He died in Lyon.[4]

In 1892 he introduced the Burdigalian Stage (Lower Miocene) based on stratigraphic units found near Bordeaux and in the Rhône Valley.[5] He was an advocate of the controversial prehistoric artifacts findings of Glozel.[6] Along with Edward Drinker Cope, his name is associated with the so-called "Cope-Depéret rule", a law which asserts that in population lineages, body size tends to increase over evolutionary time.[7]

Taxa described by Depéret[edit]

Selected works[edit]

In 1909 his book Les transformations du monde animal (1907) was translated into English and published with the title "The transformations of the animal world".[14] The following list contains a few of his other noted writings:

  • Description géologique du bassin tertiaire du Roussillon, 1885 – Description of the tertiary geological basin in Roussillon.
  • Les animaux pliocènes du Roussillon, 1890 – Pliocene animals of Roussillon.
  • La faune de mammifères miocènes de la Grive-Saint-Alban (Isère) et de quelques autres localités du bassin du Rhone : documents nouveaux et revision générale, 1892 – On Miocene vertebrates of Grive-Saint-Alban (Isère) and some other localities of the Rhône basin.
  • Note sur les dinosauriens sauropodes & théropodes du Crétacé supérieur de Madagascar, 1896 – Note on the sauropod and theropod dinosaurs from the Upper Cretaceous of Madagascar.
  • Monographie des pectinidés néogènes de l'Europe et des régions voisines, 1902 – Monograph on Neogene pectinids of Europe and neighboring regions.
  • Monographie de la faune de mammifères fossiles du Ludien inférieur d'Euzet-les-Bains (Gard), 1917 – Monograph on fossil mammal fauna of the lower Ludian at Euzet-les-Bains, (Gard).[15]

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