Charles Dillingham

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Charles B. Dillingham

Charles Bancroft Dillingham (May 30, 1868 – August 30, 1934) was a Broadway producer.


He started his career as a theater reviewer for the New York Evening Post, then became a manager for such actors as Julia Marlowe.

Dillingham began his producing career in 1902, with a production of The Cavalier, starring Julia Marlowe, William Lewers and Frank Worthing. Other noteworthy productions include:

He also produced several musicals and musical reviews during his career, including Watch Your Step, the first musical by Irving Berlin (which featured Vernon and Irene Castle in their Broadway debut).

In 1915, Dillingham hired the Russian prima ballerina Anna Pavlova to perform in New York City for six months.

Personal life[edit]

Dillinghame was married at one point to actress and singer Jennie Yeamans who was a former child star.

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