Charles E. Johnson (FBI Most Wanted fugitive)

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Charles E. Johnson
Wanted picture
Born (1907-02-22)February 22, 1907
Middlesbrough, England
Died unknown
Other names Edward Clark, Jack Clark, Jack Edwards
Occupation burglar
Criminal charge robbery
Criminal penalty 4 to 8 years imprisonment
Criminal status deceased

Charles E. Johnson (born February 22, 1907) was a New York burglar who was listed on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted during 1953. He was a professional boxer.[1] While still a teenager, Johnson was first arrested for burglary in 1921. He continued committing burglary and armed robbery throughout the 1920s until his eventual arrest in 1934 after a robbery in New York. Sentenced to serve four to eight years imprisonment, he was transferred to Dannemora Prison after he shot a police officer during a failed jailbreak from Sing Sing Prison. Although released briefly for six months, he remained imprisoned from 1935 until 1952.

Within a year, however, Johnson was on the run from New York authorities after violating his parole for the third time. On August 28, he and four others robbed a bank robber of $5,000 from a previous bank robbery in Lakesville, North Carolina committed four months earlier. Following the bank robber's arrest, he implicated Johnson and the others and, as a result of federal statutes, made their robbery a federal offense with Johnson officially placed on the Ten Most Wanted List on November 12, 1953.

Federal agents managed to track Johnson down six weeks later when a local resident of Central Islip, New York recognized Johnson from his photo in a recent magazine article. With local police officers, his ranch-style home was raided at around midnight on December 28, 1953. Taken into custody with little incident, Johnson was convicted at his trial for a third and final time.[2]


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