Charles E. Lutton Man of Music Award

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The Charles E. Lutton Man of Music Award is one of the highest honors awarded to members of the Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity for a lifelong achievement in uplifting the world through art and music. Its recipients include musical legends such as Aaron Copland, W. Francis McBeth, James Levine, Frederick Fennell, Maynard Ferguson, and Col. John R. Bourgeois, USMC (Ret.).

The name[edit]

The award is named for Charles E. Lutton, a member of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia.


The first award was given in 1952 in honor of Lutton.[1]

Year Recipient Chapter
1952 Thor Johnson Alpha Rho
1954 Howard Hanson Iota
1956 Earl V. Moore Epsilon
1958 Sigmund Spaeth Iota
1960 Joseph E. Maddy Epsilon
1962 Van Cliburn Alpha Chi
1964 Archie N. Jones Alpha Mu
1967 Price Doyle Gamma Delta
1970 Aaron Copland Alpha Upsilon
1973 Pablo Casals Epsilon Iota
1976 William Warfield Delta Lambda
1979 James Levine Alpha Alpha
1982 Sherrill Milnes Alpha Beta
1985 Clark Terry Beta Zeta
1988 W. Francis McBeth Alpha Iota
1991 Dave Grusin Beta Chi
1994 William D. Revelli Alpha Lambda
1997 Leonard Slatkin Alpha Alpha
2000 Col. John R. Bourgeois, USMC (Ret.) Zeta Pi,Alpha Alpha
2003 Frederick Fennell Alpha Nu
2006 Maynard Ferguson Xi Chi
2009 Jamey Aebersold Gamma Tau
2012 Carlisle Floyd Epsilon Iota
2015 Ellis Marsalis, Jr.[2] Epsilon Lambda


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