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Charles Edge at the MacSysAdmin conference in Gothenburg 2009-09-18

Charles Edge is an American author, courseware developer, and the Product Manager of Bushel at JAMF Software.

Edge was born in Dahlonega, Georgia, where he attended Lumpkin County High School. He graduated from the University of Georgia in 1997 and enrolled in the MBA program there before dropping out early to begin his consulting career. While at the University of Georgia, Edge joined Phi Kappa Theta fraternity where he was an officer. Edge has also been enrolled at Cornell, although it is unclear as to whether he completed his MBA there either.

Edge's main focus is the information technology industry, in particular heterogeneous directory services integration, Apple Open Directory, Apple Filing Protocol, security, mail and groupware and SAN file systems, with Xsan in particular. He has written several books on Mac OS X Server, networking, security and scripting.

Edge maintains a blog at[1] and manages the 318 company blog.[2] Edge is also a contributor and editor for Microstan.[3] has also used Edge to develop their Mac OS X Server and WIndows Server 2008 exams.

After 11 years in Los Angeles, Edge has lived in Minneapolis since 2009. After 15 years as the Chief Technology Officer of 318 Inc in Santa Monica, Edge is currently the Director of Professional Services at Jamf.

Bibliography (Author)[edit]

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Edge has taught classes and has spoken at many training centers/events, including DefCon,[4] LinuxWorld Canada [5] BlackHat.,[6] MacWorld 2006, WWDC 2006, MacWorld 2008, MacWorld 2009, MacWorld 2010, MacWorld 2011, MacWorld 2012, Southern California Linux Expo 2006, Southern California Linux Expo 2008, MacSysAdmin 2009, MacSysAdmin 2010, MacSysAdmin 2011, MacSysAdmin 2012, MacSysAdmin 2013,[7] MacTech Conference 2011, MacTech Conference 2012, MacTech New York 2012, MacTech Minneapolis 2012, the JAMF Nation User Conference 2012 and SANS Orlando 2008.

Edge was scheduled to give a speech on a vulnerability of the Mac OS X FileVault at Black Hat 2008 but the talk was pulled after he cited a non-disclosure agreement that the talk would violate.[8]


Edge is on the Editorial team for the Apple Inc. platform, with Apress. Edge was also the technical editor for the following title(s):


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