Charles Fischetti

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Charles Fischetti
Born March 24, 1901
Died April 11, 1951
Resting place Holy Cross Cemetery
Occupation Businessman
Spouse(s) Ann Fischetti
Parent(s) Mary Fischetti
Relatives Rocco Fischetti (brother)
Al Capone (cousin)

Charles "Trigger Happy"[1] Fischetti (August 11, 1891 – April 11, 1951) was a Chicago mobster, former Capone bodyguard and Mafia leader.

Early life[edit]

Charles Fischetti was born on March 24, 1901. His mother was called Mary.[2] He had a brother, Nicholas, who was a dentist;[2] two other brothers, Rocco and Joseph, were alleged criminals. He was a cousin of Al Capone.[3][4]


Fischetti started his career as his cousin Al Capone's chauffeur in South Brooklyn.[2] In the 1920s, he helped Capone spread his business in Cicero, Illinois.[2] Fischetti attended the 1946 Havana Conference of Cosa Nostra leaders and received the "murder contract" on Bugsy Siegel.[citation needed] Fischetti was also good friends with singers Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, the former as early as the 1940s.[5] Upon Al Capone's death in 1947, Fischetti reportedly inherited his mob investments.[2]

Fischetti was called a notorious Chicago gangster in the FBI files.[5] With his brother Rocco, he surrendered 2 April 1951 to the sergeant-at-arms of the United States Senate having been sought to testify before the Senate Crime Investigating Committee (Kefauver committee). Charles Fischetti died nine days later, before he could testify.[6][7]

Personal life and death[edit]

Fischetti had a wife, Ann.[2] They resided in Miami Beach, Florida.[3]

Fischetti died of a heart attack on April 11, 1951 in Miami Beach, Florida.[6][7] US30,000 worth of flowers in seven cars were sent to his funeral, which was held at Our Lady of Peace Roman Catholic Church at 561 Carroll Street in Brooklyn.[2] It was attended by 1,500 relatives, most of them women.[2] The Brooklyn Daily Eagle suggested they may have been the wives of organized crime associates.[2] Meanwhile, there were also 12 policemen in uniform and 20 in plainclothes.[2] Fischetti was buried at the Holy Cross Cemetery in Brooklyn, New York City.[2]


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