Charles Germain de Saint Aubin

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Engraving by Charles Germain de Saint Aubin

Charles Germain de Saint Aubin (January 17, 1721 – March 6, 1786) was a French draftsman and embroidery designer to King Louis XV. Published a classic reference on embroidery, L'Art du Brodeur ("Art of the Embroiderer") in 1770. In addition to his embroidery designs, he was known for his drawings and engravings.

A caricature of Louis-Bertrand Castel's "ocular organ" by Charles Germain de Saint Aubin

His parents were Germain de Saint-Aubin and Anne Boissay, themselves both professional embroiderers. His younger brothers, Gabriel-Jacques de Saint-Aubin and Augustin de Saint-Aubin, were also well-respected artists. His daughter, Marie-François, was an artist as well.[1]

Illustration taken from L'Art du Brodeur showing a method of embroidering with paillettes


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