Charles Harry Moody

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Charles Harry Moody

Dr. Charles Harry Moody Hon. FRCO (22 March 1874 - 10 May 1965) was a composer and organist based in England.[1]


He was born in Stourbridge on 22 March 1874, the son of Charles Moody (1825 – 1893) and Lydia Glover (b. 1829)

He studied organ under T. Westlake Morgan at Bangor Cathedral.

He married Mary Grindall Brayton in 1899 in Wigan. The marriage produced:

  • Barbara Gunhilda Moody (b. 1900)
  • Brian Elgar Moody (b. 1902)
  • An other

He was appointed CBE[2] and Hon FRCO in 1920.

He was also a lecturer in music at the Diocesan Training College in Ripon from 1902 - 1952.



He was the author of:

  • Church Music
  • The Choir Boy in the Making
  • Selby Abbey
  • Ripon Cathedral
  • Fountains Abbey


He composed:

  • Anthem: Before the ending of the day


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