Charles Heycock

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Charles Thomas Heycock
Born 21 August 1858
Died 3 June 1931 (1931-06-04) (aged 72)
Nationality British
Occupation Chemist
Awards Davy Medal (1920)

Charles Thomas Heycock FRS (21 August 1858 – 3 June 1931) was a British chemist and soldier who was awarded the Royal Society's Davy Medal in 1920.[1]


Born on 21 August 1858, Charles Heycock was educated at Bedford School, Oakham, and at King's College, Cambridge. He was lecturer and Assistant Tutor at King's College, Cambridge, and Goldsmiths' Reader in Metallurgy at the University of Cambridge. He was awarded the Royal Society's Davy Medal in 1920, "on the ground of his work in physical chemistry and more especially on the composition & constitution of alloys".[2][3]

Satoyasu Iimori who was a Japanese chemist from RIKEN learned under Heycock in 1919 - 1920.[4]

Charles Heycock died on 3 June 1931.


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