Charles Hill, Botswana

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Charles Hill, Botswana is located in Botswana
Charles Hill, Botswana
Location of Charles Hill

Charles Hill is a village in Ghanzi District of Botswana. It is located close to the Namibian border. Charles Hill is the second-largest village in Ghanzi District, with a population of 3,591 in 2011 census.[1]

Charles Hill is the seat of the Charles Hill sub-District, established separately from Gantsi District administratively in 2004. Although the limits of the sub-district have as yet to be clearly defined it generally is bordered to the north by the Trans-Kalahari Highway, the west by Namibia, to the east by Botswana Highway A2 and to the south by Kgalagadi District. The inhabitants are made up of a variety of different groups living side by side and in harmony with each other, they are:

  • Herero
  • Bakgalagadi
  • Basarwa
  • Batlharo (a tribe whose mother-tongue is Setswana)
  • Coloureds
  • Nama

Some of the developments in the village include a primary school, a junior secondary school, a hospital, a post office, some Rural Administration Centre offices which belong to the local government (known as the council), pre-schools, hair salons and a Engen filling station which is conveniently located next to the main tarred road from Ghanzi to Mamuno. An estimated 200 cattle posts lie within the sub-District but outside village limits.


There are eight villages and two settlements lying within the sub-District:

  • Chobokwane
  • Tsootsha (also known as Kalkfontein)
  • Karakubis
  • Kanagas
  • New Xanagas
  • Charles Hill
  • Makunda
  • Koke (also called Kuke)
  • Ncojane
  • Metsimantsho



Coordinates: 22°16′35″S 20°05′34″E / 22.27639°S 20.09278°E / -22.27639; 20.09278