Charles I de Lalaing

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Charles I de Lalaing
Blason ville fr Marpent (Nord).svg
Lalaing coat of arms
Spouse(s) Jacoba of Luxembourg
Noble family House of Lalaing
Father Joost de Lalaing
Mother Bonne de La Viefville
Born 1466
Died 18 July 1525(1525-07-18)

Charles de Lalaing, baron and later 1st count of Lalaing, lord of Escornaix (1466 – Oudenaarde, July 18, 1525).


Charles was born as the eldest son of Joost de Lalaing, from a family of landowners from Hainaut. He was married to Jacoba of Luxembourg, daughter of Jacob of Luxembourg and Maria of Berlaymont. Their children were:

Political career[edit]

Charles was chamberlain to successively Maximilian of Austria, Philip the Fair and Charles V.

On 17 November 1505 he was made a Knight of the Order of the Golden Fleece (17th chapter, Middelburg).

From 1504 on he was governor of Oudenaarde. When Charles V spent six weeks at Charles of Lalaing's estates during the Siege of Tournai in 1521, he met Charles' servant Johanna van der Gheynst. As a consequence of the brief affair that ensued, the future regentes Margaret of Parma was born.