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Charles Jeanne (15 May 1800 – 11 July 1837) was one of the leaders of the Parisian June Rebellion in 1832. He died of tuberculosis in 1837.

His memoir A Cinq Heures Nous Serons Tous Morts helped to inspire Victor Hugo and the barricade scenes in Les Misérables.[1][2][3]

Early life[edit]

Charles Jeanne was born on May 15, 1800 in Paris, France. His father was a store clerk and he helped with his father's business. He attended school in Caen, but had to stop at age 14 due to financial and family issues. He was involved for a year in the French army and worked as a clerk.

1830 Rebellion[edit]

Charles Jeanne participated in the Trois glorieuses, July Revolution and was injured in action. Louis Phillippe gave him a medal for bravery.


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