Charles J. Patten

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Charles Joseph Patten
Charles Joseph Patten.gif
Born 1870
Ballybrack, Dublin, Ireland
Died 13 June 1948 (aged 78)
Farnham, Surrey, UK
Citizenship Irish
Alma mater Trinity College, Dublin
Known for Ornithology
Scientific career
Fields Anatomy, Ornithology
Institutions Trinity College, Dublin, University of Sheffield

Charles Joseph Patten (1870 Ballybrack -1948) was an Irish anatomist and ornithologist.

He wrote The aquatic birds of Great Britain and Ireland London, R. H. Porter,1906, The story of the birds a guide to the study of avian structure and habits Published in 1928, Pawson & Brailsford limited, Simpkin Marshall, limited (Sheffield, London) (founded on a series of broadcast addresses delivered to schools in Sheffield) where he was professor of anatomy and over 80 scientific papers on Irish birds'. His anatomy papers include Patten, C. J. Cranium of a chimpanzee, showing metopic suture; also fontanelle and sutural bone-plates. J. Anat., Lond., 1911, 46.


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