Charles K. Gifford

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Charles "Chad" Gifford
Born (1942-11-08) November 8, 1942 (age 75)
Nationality American
Occupation Banker
Years active 1964 - Present
Known for Chairman of Bank of America

Charles K. Gifford is a leading American banker and businessman. He is the chairman emeritus of Bank of America having served on its board of directors from 2004 to 2016.[1][2] He has served on many prominent corporate and non-profit boards.

Professional history[edit]

After graduating from college in 1964, he began his banking career in New York City working at Chase Manhattan until 1966 before joining Bank of Boston.

At Bank of Boston, Gifford worked in commercial lending, first as a loan officer in 1967, then in various vice president positions. From 1975 to 1977 he headed corporate lending at the London, England, office. In Boston he became the executive of the Corporate Banking Group in 1984. After two years as vice chairman, the company promoted him to president in 1989, with Ira Stepanian as chief executive officer. When Stepanian resigned in July, 1995, the Board promoted him to succeed Stepanian.[3][4] He became CEO of BankBoston's successor FleetBoston Financial in December, 2002.[5]

Gifford served as chairman of Bank of America from 2004 until 2005, when the company bought FleetBoston, and he served as a board member until 2016.[6]

Service on boards of directors[edit]

He has served on the following boards:[5]

In May 2018 legal filings, Shari Redstone's desire to have him removed from the CBS board was attributed to his having behaved in a bullying and intimidating manner toward her, including grabbing her face and directing her to listen to him. Gifford was said to have remarked when she took exception to this that this was how he behaved toward his daughters when he wanted their attention.[7]


Gifford holds a Bachelor of Arts in history from Princeton University in 1964.[5]

Personal life[edit]

The son of Clarence H., banker, and Priscilla Culvert. A New England blue blood, he spent summers in Nantucket. Gifford, his parents and three siblings were passengers in the first-class cabin on the SS Andrea Doria when it collided with the Swedish liner MS Stockholm and sank off Nantucket in 1956. The Giffords all survived the accident, which claimed 46 lives.[8][9]

He married Anne Dewing in 1964. They have four children, one of whom is the former U.S Ambassador to Denmark, Rufus Gifford.


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