Charles Littleleaf

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Charles Littleleaf
Origin Warm Springs Reservation, Oregon, United States
Genres Native American
Occupation(s) Musician, flute maker
Instruments Native American flute
Years active 1995–present
Labels Littleleaf Music

Charles Littleleaf, a Native American, born in Warm Springs, Oregon, is a Native American flutist and traditional flute maker. Littleleaf is a tribal member of the Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Indian Reservation, Central Oregon. He is also an Honorary Member of the Piegan Blackfoot Band Reserve, Brocket, Alberta, Canada.

Charles Littleleaf was instructed in the ways of playing the Native American flute by recording artist, R. Carlos Nakai. Where Nakai adds a layering of contemporary instrumentals behind his own playing, Littleleaf has grounded his flute playing within the essence of Mother Earth, and from memories of life growing up on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation of Oregon.

In 1997, Littleleaf's first album (cassette) was released, titled Whispers of Earth Medicine. In 2002, his album Ancient Reflections was released on compact disc, which contains his renowned rendition of Trail of Tears/Amazing Grace.


Littleleaf has released the following solo albums:

  • Whispers of Earth Medicine 1997, Littleleaf Music (formerly Redwood Productions)
  • Ancient Reflections 2002, Littleleaf Music (formerly Redwood Productions)

Littleleaf collaborations:

  • Heart of the Wolf (flute/vocals with Karen Therese) 2001, Red Feather Music



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