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Charles M. Eastman (Chuck Eastman) is a professor in the Colleges of Design and Computer Science at Georgia Institute of Technology.[1][2] He is a specialist in the areas of Building information modeling,[3] solid and parametric modeling, engineering databases,[2] and product models and interoperability.[2] He is the director of the Georgia Tech Digital Building Lab (DBL)[4][5]


Eastman is a pioneer of AEC CAD, developing research 3D and early solid and parametric modeling systems for the building industry starting in the middle 1970s. Trained as an architect at the Berkeley CED, he focused on tool development for practitioners with the 'Building Description System' and 'Building Product Modeling', later re-branded as Building Information Modeling. He started the PhD program in Architecture at Carnegie Mellon University and founded ACADIA (the North American academic building modeling conference group). He did a parametric modeling start-up (called FORMTEK) in the early 1980s and then joined University of California, Los Angeles, where he was for eight years before coming to Georgia Tech.[6]

His research group at GA Tech works with industry groups to develop new generation parametric modeling tools and also new integrating tools and workflows. He currently has projects with the Precast Concrete Institute and the Charles Pankow Foundation, with GSA, working on courthouse BIM tools,with the American Institute of Steel Construction and the American Concrete Institute, defining BIM exchange standards for these industry areas. He recently completed work with the National Institute of Standards and Technology on improving IFC semantic foundations.[6]


  • Design Intelligence 30 Most admired Educators for 2014, Design Intelligence[7]
  • Best Paper Award for the “Relative productivity of Onsite and Offsite Construction Activities” paper in the ASCE Journal of Construction Engineering and management (best of 186 papers in 2008)[8]
  • 2006 Open Data Award from BuildingSMART. For CIS/2, Washington DC, November, 2006
  • Lifetime Research Achievement Award, Bentley Systems International Conference, October, 2000


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