Charles Mathes

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Charles Mathes
Charles Mathes.jpg
Born 1949
Cleveland, Ohio
Occupation Art Dealer
Genre Mystery
Subject Stand-alone books, each featuring a different heroine, and each having a different connection to art or antiques

Charles Mathes (born 1949) is an American author of mystery novels.

His books include:

  • "Spirit of America, A State by State Celebration" 1990 (Introduction by Bob Hope)
  • "Treasures of American Museums" 1991
  • "The Girl With The Phony Name" 1992
  • "The Girl Who Remembered Snow" 1996
  • "The Girl At The End of the Line" 1999
  • "The Girl in the Face of the Clock" 2001
  • "In Every Moon There Is A Face" 2003 (Illustrated by Arlene Graston).


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