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Charles (Charlie) McAuley (1910–1999) was an Irish painter. He was born in Gruig, Glenaan, Ireland, one of the nine Glens of Antrim, on March 15, 1910. Despite being from a small rural village, Charles pursued painting from an early age, in an area when farming was one of the main sources of life and income. He went on to become a landscape and figurative painter.

Early in his life he was spotted by James Humbert Craig at a local Glens Feis who encouraged him and that influence inspired his early work. His paintings depicted the rivers, mountains, seascapes and rural life that surrounded him.[1]

McAuley died on 30 September 1999.

He was the uncle of BBC Northern Ireland broadcaster Tony McAuley and the writer and broadcaster Roisin McAuley.

Many of his works are in private collections. There are several of his paintings in public collections, for example at the Ulster Museum and Queens University Belfast.[2]


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