Charles Peterson (photographer)

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Charles Peterson
Charles Peterson 03.jpg
Born 1964
Longview, Washington
Occupation Photographer
Nationality American
Education University of Washington, 1987
Subject Music photography

Charles Peterson (born 1964 in Longview, Washington) is an American photographer well known for his work with the independent record label Sub Pop. His photos are presented in the movie Kurt Cobain: About a Son. Charles is known for depicting the rise of the Northwest music scene in the late 1980s to early 1990s, and for his trademark full-frame, non-cropped image.


  • Touch Me I'm Sick (PowerHouse, 2003)
  • Screaming Life (Harper Collins, 1995)
  • Pearl Jam: Place/Date (with Lance Mercer, Rizzoli/Vitalogy, 1997)
  • Cypher, will be published in 2008 [needs update] by powerHouse


  • Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk Virginia
  • Seattle's Experience Music Project (EMP)
  • Cypher, will be published in 2008[needs update] by powerHouse
  • Galerie Chappe, Paris "Kurt Cobain, About A Son"


  • Appears in Hype! (1996), a documentary covering the overexposure of Seattle's garage music scene.