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The $250,000 Charles S. Mott Prize was awarded annually by the General Motors Cancer Research Foundation as one of a trio of scientific prizes entirely devoted to cancer research (the other prizes being the Charles F. Kettering Prize and the Alfred P. Sloan, Jr. Prize) which were generally considered the most prestigious awards in the field.

The Mott Prize was awarded for "the most outstanding recent contribution related to the cause or prevention of cancer". The Kettering Prize was devoted to clinical advances in cancer care and the Sloan Prize was devoted to basic research having implications in cancer research. In 2006, due to financial pressures on the corporation supporting the Foundation, the three awards were consolidated into a single $250,000 General Motors Cancer Research Award.[who?][citation needed].

In 2006, the first and only winner of the General Motors Cancer Research Award was Napoleone Ferrara.[1]

Since 2006 no further prizes have been awarded.


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