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The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation is a charitable foundation founded in 1926 by Charles Stewart Mott of Flint, Michigan. Mott was the leading industrialist in Flint through his association with General Motors.

The foundation administers funds through four programs — Civil Society, Environment, Flint Area, and Pathways out of Poverty, and it also funds special exploratory projects. It supports nonprofit programs throughout the United States and, on a limited basis, internationally. In 2006, the Foundation had year-end total assets of $2.6 billion and made 545 grants totaling $107.3 million. Some organizations that the C. S. Mott Foundation has funded are the Kettering University, Public/Private Ventures, The Nature Conservancy, University of Michigan, Jobs for the Future, Afterschool Alliance, European Foundation Centre, Kentucky Child Now, Flint Institute of Arts and Focus: HOPE.[1] It is a member of the Network of European Foundations for Innovative Cooperation (NEF).[2]


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