Charles Stuart, Duke of Cambridge (1660–1661)

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Charles Stuart
Duke of Cambridge
Born22 October 1660
Worcester House, London
Died(1661-05-05)5 May 1661 (aged 6 months 13 days)
Whitehall Palace, London
Burial6 May 1661
FatherJames, Duke of York (later James II & VII)
MotherAnne Hyde

Charles Stuart (22 October 1660 – 5 May 1661) was the first of four sons and eight children born from the marriage between the Duke of York (later King James II of England & VII of Scotland) and his first wife, Anne Hyde. He was styled Duke of Cambridge, but never formally created so, because he died so young.

Charles was conceived seven months before his parents' official marriage and if royal advisors and Queen Henrietta Maria, the mother of James, had had their way, he could have been declared illegitimate.[1] King Charles II, James's older brother, approved of the marriage and the wedding between James and Anne was held on 3 September 1660 in London. Charles was born on 22 October and was baptised on 1 January 1661 at Worcester House. However, he died before reaching the age of one, after becoming ill with smallpox. He was buried in Westminster Abbey on 6 May 1661. Three of his younger brothers, likewise short-lived, were also called Duke of Cambridge: James, Edgar, and Charles.


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Coat of arms as Duke of Cambridge

During his short life, Charles bore a coat of arms, as a grandson of a British sovereign, consisting those of the kingdom, differenced by a label argent of five points ermine.[2]


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Charles Stuart, Duke of Cambridge (1660–1661)
Cadet branch of the Clan Stewart
Born: 22 October 1660 Died: 5 May 1661
Peerage of England
New title Duke of Cambridge
22 October 1660 – 5 May 1661
Title next held by
James Stuart