Charles Walder Grinstead

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Charles Grinstead
Full name Charles Walder Grinstead
Country (sports)  England
Born 1 December 1860
East Teignmouth, England
Died 16 March 1930(1930-03-16) (aged 69)
Nikenbah, Australia
Highest ranking No. 3 (1884, Karoly Mazak)[1]
Grand Slam Singles results
Wimbledon F (1884)

Charles Walder Grinstead (1 December 1860 – 16 March 1930) was an English champion tennis player. He reached the Wimbledon All Comers Final in 1884 (and the quarterfinals the year before). Together with C. E. Weldon, Grinstead won the Oxford Men's Doubles in 1883. In 1884, the Oxford Men's Doubles event and its trophy were handed over to the All England Club to be known as the All England Men's Doubles as part of the Wimbledon Championships; consequently winners of the Oxford events are included as Wimbledon champions.[2] He was ranked World No. 3 for 1884 by Karoly Mazak.[1]

Early life[edit]

Charles Walder Grinstead was born on 1 December 1860 in East Teignmouth, Devon, England, the son of Charles Grinstead (a Church of England cleric) and his wife Sarah A. (née Stanley).[3][4] He was educated at the University of Oxford, matriculating in 1879 as a member of Keble College and graduating in 1874 as a member of Charsley's Hall.[5]

Tennis tournaments[edit]

1881-09-26 Sussex County Lawn Tennis Tournament Men's singles defeated in semifinals[3]
1883 Essex Championships Men's singles winner[3]
June 1883 Oxford Men's doubles winner with C.E. Weldon
1883-06-11 Sussex County Lawn Tennis Club Spring Tournament Men's singles winner[3]
1883-06-19 Leicester Men's singles winner[3]
1883-07-03 Leamington Men's singles winner[3]
1883-07-07 Wimbledon Men's singles defeated in quarterfinals[3]
1883-07-27 South of England Championships Men's singles defeated in final[3]
1883-08-14 Exmouth Men's singles winner[3]
1883-08-22 Edgbaston Men's singles winner[3]
1883-09-22 Sussex County Lawn Tennis Tournament Men's singles winner in final but defeated in challenge round[3]
1884-07-05 Wimbledon Men's singles defeated in final[3]
1884-07-28 Middlesex Championships Men's singles winner[3]
1884-08-04 Exmouth Men's singles winner[3]
1884-08-18 Buxton Men's singles winner[3]
1884-09-01 South of England Championships Men's singles defeated in semifinals[3]

Later life[edit]

Having completed his B.A. at Oxford, Grinstead was intended to become a Church of England cleric like his father. While Grinstead had enjoyed his academic studies and his sport at university, he did not wish to become a cleric. Instead in the spring of 1885, he immigrated to Ontario, Canada where he spent nine months, and then relocated to the United States of America.[4]

Charles Walder Grinstead died in Nikenbah, Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia on 16 March 1930.[3] He was buried in Polson Cemetery, Hervey Bay, Queensland.


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