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Charles Wheelan
Charles Wheelan cropped.jpg
Democratic candidate for
U.S. Representative for Illinois, 5th District
Election date
April 7, 2009
IncumbentMike Quigley
Personal details
Political partyDemocratic
Spouse(s)Leah Wheelan
ChildrenKatrina, Sophia, and C.J. Wheelan
ResidenceHanover, New Hampshire
Alma materDartmouth College

Charles J. Wheelan (born 1966) is an American journalist and speaker and is the founder and co-chairman of Unite America.[1] Wheelan is the author of Naked Statistics, Naked Economics, and Naked Money. He was an unsuccessful Democratic candidate in the special election for Illinois's 5th congressional district, the seat vacated by Rahm Emanuel.[2]

Journalist and author[edit]

Wheelan graduated from Dartmouth College in 1988; he was a member of Alpha Delta fraternity.[3] From 1997 to 2002, he was the Midwest correspondent for The Economist. He has also written for the Chicago Tribune, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Yahoo! Finance.[4]

Wheelan is a regular contributor to the Motley Fool Radio Show on National Public Radio and to the Eight Forty-Eight program on WBEZ, Chicago Public Radio.

Wheelan's first book, Naked Economics (2002), is an introduction to economics for lay readers; Naked Statistics (2013) is an introduction to statistics. The Centrist Manifesto (2013) attempts to articulate a centrism that is more than a set of compromises between the political extremes, a perspective Wheelan elsewhere characterizes as radical centrist.


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