Charles Wynne Nicholls

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A Victorian Family at the Seaside, oil on canvas, 1860s
The Light of the Harem

Charles Wynne Nicholls (20 October 1831 – 24 January 1903) was an Irish painter of genre and historical subjects.[1] Charles Wynne Nicholls parents were of middle class, his father being John Nicholls, an apothecary of 48 Dawson Street in Dublin. His mother was Martha Craven.

He was a representative of the Victorian painting genre of portraits and city landscapes.

Nicholls studied art at the Royal Dublin Society's Schools and the Royal Hibernian Academy. He began to exhibit in 1859 as a Member of the Royal Hibernian Academy. He exhibited regularely at the Royal Academy as well. He left Ireland for London in 1864, but continued to exhibit in Dublin for the rest of his life. He lived at 44 Halsey Street in London.

His work, Courtship on The Beach, is displayed in Scarborough's art gallery.


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