Charles XII Bible

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Charles XII Bible
Charles XII Bible.jpeg
Title page of Charles XII Bible, printed in Stockholm in 1703.
Original title Karl XII:s bibel
Country Sweden
Language Swedish
Published 1703 (1703)

The Charles XII Bible (Swedish: Karl XII:s bibel) was a Bible translation into Swedish, instigated by King Charles XI in 1686 to produce an updated and modernised version of the old translation from 1541, which was known as the Gustav Vasa Bible. Charles XI died before the work was finished, and the new Bible translation was named for his son, King Charles XII. The translation was completed in 1703.[1][2]

In 1618, during the reign of Gustav II Adolf, a revised version of the Gustav Vasa Bible was published, and the Charles XII Bible was a modernised version of this Bible, including corrections and revised spellings.[3] It remained the official Swedish Bible translation until 1917, and it was used in readings and sermons in the Church of Sweden.


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