Charley Weaver's Hobby Lobby

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Charley Weaver's Hobby Lobby
Also known asHobby Lobby,
The Charley Weaver Show
Created byAllan Sherman
Written byCliff Arquette
Harvey Bullock[1]
Theme music composerGeorge Tibbles
Producer(s)Allan Sherman
Running time30 minutes
Production company(s)American Broadcasting Company
Original networkABC Network
Original releaseSeptember 30, 1959 –
March 23, 1960

Charley Weaver's Hobby Lobby was a half-hour television interview show produced by Allan Sherman and the American Broadcasting Company (ABC), and broadcast weekly in the United States by the ABC network 8–8:30 pm (Eastern Standard Time) on Wednesdays in the 1959–60 television season.


The show premiered on September 30, 1959. Cliff Arquette, in his Charley Weaver persona, hosted the show throughout the run of the series. For the first two months, the show was called Charley Weaver's Hobby Lobby, but on November 25, 1959, the name of the show was changed to The Charley Weaver Show.[2][3]

The first episodes essentially followed the same format as the Hobby Lobby radio interview show hosted by Dave Elman and broadcast from 1937 to 1948: people, both celebrities and not, were interviewed about their hobbies, both unusual and not.[4] However, at the end of November (and perhaps earlier), "variety and comedy sketches" had been added,[2] and hobby discussions were dropped.[3] Charley Weaver's "Letters from Mama" monologues concerning daily life in the fictional town of Mount Idy were always part of the show, with the other members of the cast playing characters referred to in the letters.[3]



Guests on the show included:

Final show[edit]

The last show was broadcast March 23, 1960.[3][17]


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