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Charlie Adams
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Background information
Born (1954-05-08) May 8, 1954 (age 65)
Joliet, Illinois, United States
Drum engineer
Years active1975–present
Associated actsChameleon
United States Air Force Heritage of America Band
Dugan McNeill
Bradley Joseph
Highway Sisters

Charlie Adams is an American drummer, best known for playing in Yanni's touring band, after having played with Yanni in the early 1980s rock band Chameleon. Adams was born in Joliet, Illinois.[1]

Music career[edit]


Band members of regional rock band Chameleon[2] included Adams on drums, vocals, and percussion; Yanni on keyboards and synthesizers; Dugan McNeill on lead vocals and bass guitars; Johnny Donaldson on all guitars; and Mark Anthony on lead vocals and keyboards.[3] Their albums included Chameleon, Techno-color, Hologram Sky, and Balance.[3] The group was noted for Adams' revolving gyroscope drum kit, who played his rapidly spinning drums before Mötley Crüe's Tommy Lee's similar arrangement.[2]


In 1987, Yanni formed his first touring band to promote his album Out of Silence, as well as selections from Keys to Imagination. This early band included Yanni, John Tesh and Joyce Imbesi on keyboards, and Adams on drums.[4] He is also featured in the Live at Royal Albert Hall released in 1995.

Adams reunited with Yanni for the 2003/2004 Ethnicity concert tour.[5]


Adams is credited[6] as drummer or percussionist in the following albums, produced by Yanni unless otherwise noted.

Year Tour / Album[6] Billboard
New Age
1987 Out of Silence
1988 Chameleon Days
1988 A Thousand Summers John Tesh
1989 Niki Nana 2
1992 Yanni Gift Set (Reflections of Passion/In Celebration of Life)
1992 Romantic Moments
1992 Dare to Dream 2 32 Grammy-nominated (New Age)[9]
1994 Live at the Acropolis 1 5 Sept. 1993 concerts at the Acropolis of Athens;
second best selling music video of all time[10]
1999 Love Songs
2006 Yanni Live! The Concert Event 1 84 2004 concert;
No. 4 selling New Age album of both 2006 and 2007[11]
Peaked at No. 6 Billboard Top Independent Album (2006)[7]
2010 Love Songs/Reflections of Passion


Adams has indicated his musical influences to include Buddy Rich, the Beatles, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin.[12]


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