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For the association football player, see Charlie Fletcher (footballer).
Charlie Fletcher
Born 1960 (age 55–56)
United Kingdom
Occupation Author, screenwriter

Charlie Fletcher (born 1960) is a British screenwriter and author.[1] After many years writing for film and television, he is now probably best known for his children's novel, Stoneheart.


After studying English Literature at university, Fletcher began his career in the film business and then progressed to the BBC where he worked in film editing.[citation needed]

He then went to California where he became a screenwriter, having been awarded a Warner Brothers Fellowship in Screenwriting at USC School of Cinema and TV.[citation needed] He wrote screenplays for TriStar, MGM, Paramount and Warner Bros. among others.[citation needed]

He also moved into other types of writing, including magazine features, a computer game and as a national Sunday newspaper columnist and a restaurant reviewer.[citation needed]

He met and married his wife, Domenica, a fellow Scot, in Los Angeles. They have two children and live in Edinburgh.[citation needed]


Year Film
1995 Fair Game
2001 Mean Machine
Year TV Series
2003 Red Cap
2004 Steel River Blues
2005 Murder Investigation Team
2005 Taggart
2005 Afterlife
2006 Donovan
2006 Ultimate Force
2008 Wire in the Blood


The Stoneheart Trilogy

  • Stoneheart (2006)
  • Ironhand (2007)
  • Silvertongue (2008)

In ten years of learning and practising the screenwriter's craft in Hollywood, Fletcher found out all about the impossibility of the film showing in the cinema ever matching the version of it playing in his head. Only after he came back to Scotland to live in Musselburgh did he think about writing a project in which, just for once, what he wrote would be the last word. Not a film script, but a children's book.

His son Jack and daughter Ariadne were still at the age for bedtime stories. They were also, at the time, mini-Californians: London's antiquity – "a thousand years of built, lived-in, heritage" – surprised them.

So they gawped in something like awe as their father, on the top deck of the tour bus, pointed out monuments older than anything they had yet imagined. And he remembered how, when he was a child, his father had driven him through London. As they passed Hyde Park Corner, the bronze soldiers at the foot of the Royal Artillery monument had caught his eye too.

By the time, four decades later, he fleshed out that memory, making the Gunner and the Officer from the monument central figures in the war against the "taints", Fletcher had learnt a lot about the art of storytelling.

  • Far Rockaway" (2011)

Far Rockaway is a standalone novel published in September 2011. It's the story of a feisty young woman who is injured with her grandfather in an accident and who wakes up in a world constructed from all the classic swashbuckling adventure novels he read her as a child. She has to make her way to the castle at the end of this world in order to rescue him, knowing that only by so doing will she enable survive back in the real world. The story takes place both in this fantasy world and in the modern Manhattan ER in which doctors fight for both their lives as their family look on.

Fletcher's novel, Stoneheart, was shortlisted for the Branford Boase Award in 2007. [2] He wrote two sequels, Ironhand and Silvertongue.

The Oversight, the first in a series of adult novels, has been bought by Orbit Books for publication May 2014.[3]

  • The Oversight (2014)
  • The Paradox (2015)
  • Third Oversight novel to follow


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