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Charlie Lee
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Ivory Coast
EducationBS and MS, computer science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2000
WebsiteCharlie Lee on Twitter

Charles Lee is a computer scientist, best known as the creator of Litecoin. He serves as the managing director of the Litecoin Foundation.[1][2] As of July 2013, he also worked for Coinbase.[3]

Early life[edit]

Lee was born in Ivory Coast, moved to the United States at the age of 13, and graduated from high school in 1995.[4] He graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with bachelor's and master's degrees in computer science in 2000.[4]

Lee's brother, Bobby C. Lee, is the founder and CEO of cryptocurrency exchange BTC China.[5]


For a decade in the 2000s, Lee worked for Google. His work for the company included writing code for Chrome OS.[3] In 2011, Lee became interested in Bitcoin.[6] In October 2011, he released Litecoin on Bitcointalk.[7] He had written the blockchain technology based on the Bitcoin in his spare time while employed at Google. He released Litecoin to the public after mining only 150 coins.[3] Lee has stated that he did not intend to compete with Bitcoin but meant Litecoin to be used for smaller transactions.[6]

In July 2013, Lee left Google and began working at Coinbase, before the cryptocurrency exchange adopted the coin he had created.[3]

In December 2017, Lee announced on Reddit that he sold almost all of his Litecoin holdings due to a perceived conflict of interest.[8] He had been criticized for his tweets, which had a possible effect on the price of the coin.[9] Lee sold or donated all of his coins except for a few minted in physical form which he kept as collectibles.[10][11]

Lee is currently working full-time with the Litecoin Foundation on fostering Litecoin adoption.[12]


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