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Charlie Looker

Charlie Looker is a New York City based musician, who has many releases under different names.[1][2] He has had positive coverage in local media,[3] as well as web media.[4] He is a graduate of Wesleyan University (2003), and was named one of NPR's "Top 100 Composers Under 40" in 2011.

Looker was a member of experimental band Zs, and has worked with Dirty Projectors. He was the songwriter, guitarist, and lead vocalist for his band Extra Life, a hybrid of Contemporary Classical Music, Heavy Metal Music, Jazz, and Renaissance music (among many others), until November 2013 when the group disbanded. Currently he leads an Early/Renaissance-music inspired project named Seaven Teares, performs improvisational jazz with Period (with a rotating cast of musicians including Darius Jones, Chuck Bettis, and Mike Pride), and leads the industrial-metal duo Psalm Zero (formerly alongside Castevet's Andrew Hock). The debut record, The Drain, (in collaboration with Hock) was released by Profound Lore on March 4, 2014 and received positive feedback from Pitchfork, NPR's "All Songs Considered," and many other notable music publications. The band performed to high acclaim at 2014's SXSW festival and has toured both the United States and Europe.

Looker has collaborated with Ty Braxton, M. Lamar, Mary Halvorson, Nat Baldwin, Earle Brown, Sam Mickens, Mick Barr, Dax Riggs, Tim Berne, Matthew Welch, Stu Watson, William Parker, Glenn Branca and many other musicians.

His label, Last Things records, has put out releases by Extra Life, Larkin Grimm, The Parenthetical Girls, Psalm Zero, and Sculptress.


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