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Charlie Martineau
OriginWyoming, United States
Years active2004–present[1][2]
Associated actsMonte Cazazza, John Everall, Florian-Ayala Fauna, and Kenji Siratori

Charlie Martineau is an American musician. Martineau is part of the music project Esperik Glare.


Personal life[edit]

Martineau is from the U.S. state Wyoming in the United States.[3] Novelist Dennis Cooper said Esperik Glare has been "a means to keep [Martineau's] sanity living in the abyss called Wyoming."[1][2]


Esperik Glare[edit]


Martineau has collaborated with Monte Cazazza, John Everall (Tactile), Florian-Ayala Fauna (In Serpents and Seas), and Kenji Siratori.[4][2][5][6]


Appealing to fans of Nurse with Wound, CSAF Records called "Frightful Telekinesis" "[a] real psychedelic nightmare" that "might just be his most accomplished and affecting audio collage to date."[3] In 2014, English television series Ideal creator Graham Duff ranked the Esperik Glare/Tactile album Abyssophonics twenty-ninth on his list "Epic Best Albums of 2014" stating it was a "subtle and sympathetic collaboration" between the two musical artists.[5]


Esperik Glare[edit]

  • Dumpster Divebombing Lessons (2007)[7][8]
  • Psychic Bind (2008) with Kenji Siratori[7][8]
  • Untitled EP (2008)[7]
  • As The Insects Swarm (2008)[7][6]
  • Despoiled Strands Of Enjoyment (2010)[1]
  • Disruptions (2010)[7][8]
  • Frightful Telekinesis (2010)[3][7][8]
  • My Nights Are More Beautiful Than Your Days (2011)[2][8]
  • Abyssophonics (2014) with Tactile[7]
  • Everall (2014)[7]

In Serpents and Seas[edit]

  • Empty Rooms (Abandonment / Return) (2011)[7]

White Pee[edit]

  • Trumpets Bring On Gallows (2012)[7]


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