Charlie Thompson (reporter)

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For other people with the same name, see Charles Thompson.
Charlie Thompson
Occupation Journalist
Notable credit(s) The Patriot-News

Charlie Thompson is a prominent journalist in Pennsylvania, working for The Patriot-News.

In 2003, an article in the Lancaster Sunday News speculated that Thompson and Pete DeCoursey, both then reporters for the Patriot-News, were operating the political website PoliticsPA under a pseudonym.[1]

PoliticsPA named him the "Best Capitol Correspondent," praising "his balanced, unbiased reporting."[2] In 2008, the political website named him one of the "Most Powerful Political Reporters" in Pennsylvania.[3] In 2009, he and Jan Murphy shared an "Honorable Mention" Keystone Press Award in Spot News Reporting from the Pennsylvania Newspaper Association for their "Bonus Busts" coverage of the "Bonusgate" arrests.[4]


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